Earthfire: Kills fire ants instantly… hundreds of thousands at a time

Just one minute before, this large mound was teeming with hundreds of thousands of angry biting and stinging red imported fire ants. The commercial grade Earthfire system is used by professionals to quickly and completely eradicate difficult fire ant colonies that conventional products like baits, drenches and dusts can't treat. --- *WARNING... only a trained professional not allergic to fire ant stings should demonstrate the instant effectiveness of the Earthfire system by putting his hands in the mound immediately after treatment. Never try this with other fire ant control products (baits, drenches, etc.) that typically take weeks to affect limited results.
If you’re truly serious about solving your fire ant problems we’ve got the proven professional-grade equipment and chemicals to quickly eradicate them NOW!

If you’re tired of chasing the same fire ant colonies you thought you had killed with the latest and expensive wiz-bang baits and drenches, Earthfire is your answer.

The Earthfire Fire Ant Eradication System
has been tested and studied by top entomologists and biologists at universities across the South and given the highest marks for its efficacy (see testimonials section). It has been used commercially to successfully wipe out even the largest individual mounds in high pedestrian traffic areas where fast and immediate results are needed for the safety of the people. Used on school yards, athletic fields, golf courses, military bases, parks and recreation departments, home associations, prisons, zoos, cemeteries, church grounds, --- even at the Olympics --- Earthfire has been proven the fastest, most effective and thorough treatment in killing entire colonies of fire ants.

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