The Fun Approach

Okay, there’s the fun side of using the Earthfire gun and chemical.  Now admit it --- you’ve always had thoughts of being like Arnold in a Terminator or Predator type-movie with an effective weapon, taking command and killing the alien invaders that have been spoiling you and your family’s quality of life.

Now you can! 

Quickly kill hundreds of thousands of the “Ants from Hell” in just seconds. If you or your loved ones have been bitten and stung by fire ants and your property has been overridden by them, now you can fight back and begin winning your battles against the alien invaders instantly... plus have fun doing it.

The Scientific and Practical Approach

The Earthfire system is used by professionals on military bases, golf courses, cemeteries, ranches, farms, parks and recreation departments, on children's playgrounds, schools and in many other urban areas to instantly eradicate the public health threat of the widely invasive imported fire ant.

For over 70 years Red Imported Fire Ants (RIFA) have caused severe environmental and economic damage costing billions of dollars annually.

Despite a multitude of chemicals including costly baits, drenches, powders and dusts, fire ants continue to threaten our health and quality of life. Earthfire is the only known method for the total eradication of an entire fire ant colony with a quick kill beginning in just seconds.

The Instantaneous Knockout Punch:
Earthfire is a patented low pressure, sub-surface vapor delivery system designed exclusively for quick, thorough kills of whole fire ant colonies. When applied as directed the Earthfire chemical, which comes in pre-pressurized 16 oz. aerosol cans is safe for use around humans, animals, plants and in the soil. The active ingredient in Earthfire’s chemical is a synthetic of resmethrin, a pyrethoid developed from the chrysanthemum flower, the same mum worn at fall homecoming football games, dances, etc.  As beautiful as the flower is the effect of a chrysanthemum on ants is deadly.  And with Earthfire, a little goes a long way. As little as a half ounce of Earthfire is needed to eradicate a typical fire ant mounded colony which can contain more than 250,000 stinging pests including its many queens. It’s enough to reach the lowest levels of the colony killing all of the egg-laying queens, the thousands of attacking workers plus the reproductive winged alates before they can take flight.

Earthfire is heated into a dry vapor which when injected into the mound rapidly permeates the colony including all of its galleries and tunnels. The structure of the mound helps draw the vapor down, a term known as a venturi. As a result of this effect the vapor fills the colony deep --- from the bottom up --- usually within 15 - 20 seconds depending on the average colony size. Having killed the queens the fog then permeates up through the lateral tunnels, killing all the forager/worker ants. When the fog begins escaping through the exit tunnels the application is complete.  At this point the fog hugging the ground gives the appearance that the earth is smoldering --- thus our registered name:  Earthfire

Earthfire offers a quick eradication of the nest with the entire RIFA colony being killed within minutes of the application. Eliminating the queens (some colonies can have over 100 queens) stops the life cycle of the nest and ensures that it cannot regenerate. No more moving colonies to chase.

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