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Earthfire Fire Ant Eradication System
General Operating Instructions

(WARNING: Always read and understand operation manual before attempting to operate the machine)
  1. Position machine away from any flammable materials
  2. Install aerosol can per instructions on side of machine
  3. Install propane fuel cylinder per instructions on propane cylinder
  4. Turn Burner Button to “On” and push and hold button to light. Once lit, continue holding button and push in on silver button at front of burner to keep flam lit
  5. Allow burner to pre-heat 3 – 4 minutes. After pre-heating burner, pre-heat lance by doing the following:
    • Pull trigger until fog first becomes visible then release
    • Actuate air pump 5 – 6 times (fog will become dryer and more visible as you do a fogging treatment)
  6. To do a fogging treatment of a fire ant mound after pre-heating, approach the ant mound.
    • Insert the lance tip four to six inches into the side of the fire ant mound until you reach the central mound cavity. (You will feel a difference as the lance breaks through to the cavity.
    • Pull lance back about 1 inch
    • Pull and release the trigger one time (about a one second burst)
    • Back lance back once more until the tip is at the edge of the mound and continue actuating trigger until fog rises out of the mound
    • Stroke pump one time
    • Withdraw tip to complete application

IMPORTANT: During use actuate air pump at least once per minute to purge system of excel fog. Failure to do so can cause carbon to form and clog the system. Periodically inspect nozzle tip and orifice (See operation manual for more information)

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