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Independent Studies of Earthfire on Fire Ants:

“The Earthfire system could be a valuable tool in high traffic areas where it’s important to kill ants instantly.”

  • Texas A&M University entomologist and fire ant specialist. (Interview in Houston Chronicle)

“It’s the most effective thing I’ve ever seen.”

  • Texas Tech University entomologist and fire ant specialist after an extensive test study. (Interview in Houston Chronicle)

“The system appears to be one of the safest and most economical ways to destroy fire ants. Since then we have had no problem with fire ants.”

  • Quote made by Dir. of Horticulture, Audubon Zoo, New Orleans, La., several months after eradication of 8-ft. wide mound undermining rear of giraffe house. (Interview in Associated Press international science feature)

“When available, this fumigation method is a viable option for RIFA control in urban settings such as residential properties and recreational areas.”

  • (Journal of Agricultural Entomology)

“The technique was tested on 50 red imported fire ant (RIFA) colonies near Kerrville, Texas. All fumigated colonies were inactive 20 hours post treatment and only a single mound was active four weeks after treatment. Therefore, this thermo fumigation system should be useful for effective treatment of RIFA colonies.”

  • (Journal of Agricultural Entomology)


Though universities cannot endorse one product in favor of another, Earthfire has been featured in numerous university and agricultural extension website studies (Georgia, Texas A & M, Texas Tech, LSU among others), as an individual mound treatment providing high efficacy in killing entire colonies of ants by eliminating the queens.

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